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The Centre of Petroleum Studies at Imperial College London has been involved in research on well test analysis since 1997, sponsored mainly by consortia of oil companies. The work has already resulted in significantly improved understanding of complex well test behaviours, particularly in gas condensate and volatile oil reservoirs; in reservoirs with complex geological features; and in multilateral wells. The ability to interpret well tests has also been greatly enhanced by the development of a stable deconvolution algorithm, which has now been implemented in all prevailing well test analysis softwares. 

The aim of this proposal is to expand the work performed to-date on deconvolution of pressure and data from interfering wells in developed reservoirs (multiwell deconvolution).

The objective is to develop new, practical analysis methods for calculating well and reservoir parameters, estimating reserves, and predicting and improving well productivity in complex reservoir-fluid-well systems. Limitations and uncertainties in the analyses as a function of the data available using data assimilation methods will also be a focus of the research.














SPE number Title Yearsort descending
SPE205160-MS Restoring Erroneous or Missing Rates in Interfering Wells Using Multiwell Deconvolution 2021